36 Monkeys is an organization for contemporary alternative art and culture carries out not-for-profit activity to the benefit of the general public The Association is based in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007.


36 Monkeys is a non-governmental organization established to launch and implement innovative projects in the field of culture and art and focused exclusively on experimenting and promotion of alternative and unpopular art forms. Its long-term strategy is justified by the idea to extend and diversify the non-institutionalized and informal environment.

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Home for Sheep and Dreams / Haunted Houses

next dates:

01.10.2019  in New Theater NDK in Sofia 7:30 p.m.


05.01.2019 in Komplex Bühne Chemnitz (DE subtitles)

21.10.2019 in RED HOUSE Sofia - ACT Festival for Independent Theatre  (ENG subtitles)


14.10.2018 Premiere in Sofia

19, 20.10.2018 Premiere in Berlin

14,15.12.2018 Premiere in Zurich

CHANGING by Liv Ullmann 

A solo performance with Yoana Bukovska-Davidova

Next dates: 04,17 OCT in Plovdiv Drama Theatre.

04.10. March in New Theater NDK Sofia

This performance is part of the program of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019

(*with 3D mapping and augmented reality)


ACT Independent


Theater Festival # 9


(October 18-24,


2019, Sofia) -


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EURODRAM selection 2018 is there! 
The most interesting contemporary plays according the the Bulgarian committee will be announced on 16.03. during the opening of ProText 3x3. more

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