36 Monkeys is an organization for contemporary alternative art and culture carries out not-for-profit activity to the benefit of the general public The Association is based in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007.


36 Monkeys is a non-governmental organization established to launch and implement innovative projects in the field of culture and art and focused exclusively on experimenting and promotion of alternative and unpopular art forms. Its long-term strategy is justified by the idea to extend and diversify the non-institutionalized and informal environment.

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Welcome to Bulgaria next shows: 

11th of April, 8th of May 2018 in Sofia 

7:30 p.m. in DNK at the National Palace of Culture 

with EN subtitles

Tickets: 12 | 8 leva.

 (Tickets are available at the door, one hour before each event.)


We have two Askeer award nomination for best play and for Iva Todorova as the Ecologist. Hurra!

EURODRAM selection 2018 is there! 
The most interesting contemporary plays according the the Bulgarian committee will be announced on 16.03. during the opening of ProText 3x3. more

 Whole 2018 EURODRAM selection  is there!

Breaking news: On 9 June 2017 we are going to Bremerhaven, Germany! 

Not as emigrants, but as participants in Odyssee Europa Festival in June, which has selected us due to Welcome To Bulgaria's "important and special perspective on Europe". Hooray!