Cinderellas Ltd. A trilingual theatre manual for (disappointed) princesses 

Cinderellas Ltd. * Ciderellas GmbH * Пепеляшки ООД


A trilingual theatre manual for (disappointed) princesses 


Bulgarian-German Theatre Co-Production


The project’s team:

Екип // Crew // Team:

Authors: Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova

Co-Author, Research: Annette Daubner

Dramaturgy: Gergana Dimirova and Bernhard M. Eusterschulte

Director: Gergana Dimitrova

Set Designer: Bernhard M. Eusterschulte

Music: Aleksey Nikolov

Video Subtitles: Petko Tanchev

Assistant Set Designer: Zlatna Mihaylova

Assistant Director: Mihail Zhekunov


Peter Meltev, Nathan Cooper and Gerolamo Fancellu

Project Coordinator:  Katrin Hrusanova

PR for Bulgaria: A25 Cultural Foundation

Organisation in Germany: Diana Madeheim

Producers: TARTproduktion / 36 Monkeys


Cinderella is the personification of a dream come true. Every little girl passes through that dream. It is the promise that what awaits us as soon as we overcome some obstacles and difficulties is precisely the man, the Prince, and that we can freely head on the road to a happy, carefree life. What are the consequences of that promise and what does it leave behind when faced with real life?

Cinderellas Ltd. traces out the interlacing of the stories of three women on the verge of middle age. Although they come from different countries (Italy, USA, Bulgaria) and speak different languages, their questions and cravings, their expectations and difficulties correspond surprisingly well to one another. All three of them are in a quest for new prospects and live in hope of the decisive magical turn in life that will bring them the promised happiness. With this attempt to sketch a composite character of woman and give a wording to her adequate position today the team embarks on a pursuit of the traces of a universal “woman’s” language of the present day. Hoo, hoo! 


Premiere: Theatre Laboratory “ Sfumato”, ,Sofia Bulgaria, 2014


The project is funded by the 2014 “Culture” Program of Sofia Municipality, The National Fund for Culture and LaFT Baden Württenberg e.V. and is realized in partnership with "Sfumato" Theatre Lab.