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8th (infinite!) edition of ProText platform for performance-readings of new dramaturgy



DNK - space for contemporary dance and performance at the National Palace of Culture



Two new plays meet the audience for a first time in Sofia as performances!




05 & 06 November 2016




Author and director: Yasen Vasilev

Cast: Alexander Uzunov, Velislav Pavlov, Petar Meltev, Jivko Juranov

Set design  and video: Petko Tanchev

Assistant-director: Petko Stoyanov

Duration: 60 minutes


“Borgestriptych” is Yasen Vasilev's second text for theatre. It was produced for the first time in English at Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai in 2014. It draws inspiration from three short stories by Jorge Luis Borges but also from the life and general oeuvre of the Argentinian writer. Four performers are four different versions of Borges, metamorphosing into his many characters who are ultimately the same person constantly talking to himself. In the world of this play library and universe are one and the same and the spaces and their dwellers are entirely built of quotes.




09, 10 & 11 November 2016


Refugees Welcome


Authors: Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova

Co-authors: Elena Shopova, Petar Meltev, with the support of Vasilena Vasileva

Director: Gergana Dimitrova

Cast: Zdrava Kamenova, Vladimir Dimitrov, Eva Danailova, Iva Todorova, Petar Meltev, Petko Kamenov, Toni Karabashev

Set design: Elena Shopova

Video: Petko Tanchev

Music: Pavel Terziyski

Assistant-director: Ekaterina Chokova

Duration: 75 minutes

The project is implemented in partnership with Etud Gallery and PORTA BG.


“Refugees welcome” explores the boundary between patriotism and nationalism, the limit of healthy tolerance and sympathy, the back and the front of Bulgarian identity today. The Bulgarian president calls all Bulgarians to actively participate in a national campaign for attracting refugees to stay in the country as this will ensure the very much needed EU funds. All Bulgarians – men, mothers, hunters, retirees, artists – begun an active propaganda, targeted at the refugees, bypassing the country.


Yassen Vasilev, Gergana Dimitrova and Zdrava Kamenova are the three (out of four, together with Georgi Gospodinov) authors, selected by the Bulgarian committee of EURODRAM – European network for drama in translation.


Project coordinators’: Julia Dencheva, Petko Stoyanov

PR: A25 Cultural Foundation


EURODRAM is a European theatre translation network which uses European, Mediterranean and Central Asian languages. Its main objective is to make known to both theatre professionals and the wider public, work which remains largely unpublished, paying particular attention to linguistic diversity. Read more:



The project is funded by “Culture” Program of Sofia Municipality for 2016





Refugees Welcome