ProText 12 is part of the New Stages Southeast Drama and Politics Festival (June 12-18)

The 12th edition of 36 Monkeys' platform for new dramaturgy ProText will take place in June.
ProText 12 will be a module of the New Playwriting Festival NEW STAGES SOUTHEAST: "Drama and Politics" for the third consecutive year in the period 12-18 June, organized by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria.

The ProText team has been developing the performance-reading form since 2007 and presents new European and Bulgarian dramaturgy in the platform. The form presents the plays in a lively and contemporary way, incorporating all the elements of a future performance in an atmosphere close to the improvisational spirit of a jam session in music. In this way, the audience can see a "sketch" of a performance with its entire crew. The initiative aims to promote contemporary authors and plays, to enrich the theatrical context with new texts for theatre, to follow new trends in contemporary dramaturgy and to encourage exchange between Bulgaria and Europe in this field.

This year the focus of ProText 12 is on new European plays. The prestigious selection of the Bulgarian committee of the international network for contemporary dramaturgy and translation EURODRAM for 2023 includes three Eastern European plays - Ukrainian, Russian and Romanian, whose authors are established throughout Europe.


This year's selection is very strong and highlights the fact that contemporary dramaturgy is bigger than all divisions because it insists on humanity and truth more than anything else.

◌ Programme of performance readings of the selected plays in the ProText 12 module of the New Stages Southeast Festival:

13.06 | 19.30 ч. Toplocentrala

Author: Neda Nezhdan, Ukraine

Translation: Minka Paraskevova

Ukrainian Language Consultant: Tetyana Kolosova

Directed by Boyan Kracholov

Starring: Galya Kostadinova
Assistant Director: Simona Zdravkova



This play tells the story of women in the Donbas region immediately after the occupation of Crimea. It was written in 2015 based on various true stories, events and facts. The main character is a refugee from Donbass, a volunteer during the occupation. She survives and escapes, but loses her home, job, city, friends. All she has left of it are three orphaned kittens - white, grey and black.

Neda Nezhana (1971) was born in Kramatorsk, Donetsk region. She is a playwright, culturologist, critic and translator. She is the author of over twenty-five plays, two of which were included in the catalogues for the best play in Europe in 2004, 2008 and 2012 (The European Theatre Today: Plays).

Minka Paraskevova is a writer, translator and theatre scholar. She studied European Theatre at the University of Edinburgh in 2009 and completed her PhD on theatrical adaptations of classic European plays by Liz Lochhead at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2014. She currently works as a freelance writer, translator and lecturer for the British Council. Since 2021 she has been a member of the Confederation of Bulgarian Writers and the Bulgarian Committee of the EURODRAM network.

15.06 | 19.00 ч. Toplocentrala

Author Elise Wilk, Romania

Translation: Laura Nenkovska

Directed by Denislav Yanev

Starring: Nikolay Markov and Nadia Keranova

Space, costumes and video - Maria Koleva, Live Music: Cello Petrovich



David is 11 years old and has a lot of questions. Why can't it be a girl like Simo, his best friend? On top of what he feels for Felix, his classmate. Whenever Felix is around, David feels a strange knot in his stomach. Inside David lives a little crocodile that takes a bite out of his heart every time he's sad.

Elise Wilk (1981) is a Romanian playwright. She has won numerous awards, including the Aurora Prize for Eastern European Playwriting in Poland and the Contemporary Playwriting Award from the Playwrights' Theatre of Romania. Her texts are staged in theatres in Romania and abroad, and have been translated into twelve languages so far.

Laura Nenkovska was born in 1979 in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria. She is a great lover of Romanian language, literature and culture and loves to share her beautiful discoveries with the Bulgarian audience. She teaches Romanian language, medieval and modern Romanian literature at the University of St. Petersburg. He teaches Romanian literature at the University of St. Kliment Ohridski. He has translated over 25 books of fiction.

18.06 | 19.00 ч. National Theatre "Ivan Vazov"

Author: Ivan Vyrypaev, Russia

Translation: Diana Konrad

Directed by Stefan Zarev

Set and costume design: Diana Toteva

Starring: Veronika Todorova, Nikolay Vladimirov




Husband and wife are stuck in the kitchen until morning, trying to find a way out of the family crisis. They have long lost contact with each other and only a sincere conversation, in which the usual roles and ideas about family life change, can give their relationship a new impetus and help them cross the sun line that symbolically divides the space between them.

Ivan Viripaev (1974) is a playwright, director and actor. He lives in Warsaw, Poland. His plays are staged all over the world. Winner of the Venice Film Festival, Golden Mask, Nika, Kinotavr festivals, Contact International Festival (Poland), Heidelberg International Festival of Contemporary Drama (Germany), etc.

Diana Conrad was born in Ukraine, moved to Bulgaria in 2014, graduated from the High School of Architecture and Construction in Varna, studied for a year at the Varna University of Economics, then moved to Sofia and began studying at NATFA. During his two years there he fell in love with playwriting. At the moment he continues his studies at the St. Kliment Ohridski", major - Russian philology. Translation is a passion for her, which she aims to turn into a profession.


ProText 12 is a production of 36 Monkeys.

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»»» Official partners and hosts of ProText 12 are: Eurodram, New Stages Southeast, Goethe-Institut, Ivan Vazov National Theatre, RCCI "Topocentrala".

◌ Кitten for a memory of the dark

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📷 Georgi Angelov

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