ProText4: MADE IN BG


“ProText” is a platform, offering a fresh look at the contemporary dramaturgy, the possible spaces for theatre-making and the relationship between the text and the stage.


The third project presents performance readings of contemporary new Bulgarian dramaturgy, situated in non-theatrical spaces - National Museum of Natural History, Sofia.

ProText 4: Made in Bulgaria presents 3 new Bulgarian plays:


Project’s Organizers: Vassilena Radeva, Gergana Dimitrova, Mladen Aleksiev



Performance- reading of the plays (2010):


P.O. BOX: Unabomber

Text: Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova

Director:  Gergana Dimitrova

Assistant Director: Petko Stoyanov

Original music: Todor Stoyanov (Ambient Anarchist)

Video Art:  Lyubomir Draganov, Vladislav Iliev and Kamen Dimitrov (Phormatik Visual Lab),  Nikola Nalbantov

Sound: Yasen Toshev

Set design, costumes and lights: Elena Shopova

assistants: Mladen Aleksiev and Petko Stoyanov


Performers: Elena Atanasova, Nadejda Panayotova, Bogdan Kazandjiev, Peter Meltev




Turing Machine

Text: psychobaiko and Mladen Aleksiev

Director: Mladen Aleksiev 

Music: Kalin Nikolov 

SoundYasen Toshev (MULTISOUND) 

Video Art:: Phormatik Visual Lab -Lyubomir Draganov, Vladislav Iliev 

Set design, costumes : Elena Shopova and Tatiana Nedialkova 

Assistants: Gergana Dimitrova, Vasilena Radva, Petko Stoyanov


Performers: Elena Dimitrova, Sofia Bobcheva, Vasil Chitanov, Peter Meltev, Tigran Torosyan



The Invisible

Text: Alexander Manuilov, Vasilena Radeva

Music: Sergey Glinkov – lowhum 

SoundYasen Toshev (MULTISOUND))

Video Art:: Phormatik Visual Lab -Lyubomir Draganov, Vladislav Iliev 

Set design, costumes : Elena Shopova

Assistants: Gergana Dimitrova, Petko Stoyanov


Performers:Paolina Kozovska, Martin Geraskov, Peter Vasilev



About P.O. BOX: Unabomber:

The play P.O.Box Unabomber came into being in 2010 as a result of the experimental collaboration between Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova, on the occasion of the fourth edition of ProText 4: Made in Bulgaria. P.O.Box Unanbomber fuses ecology with terrorism. The result is an exciting piece of eco-terrorism theatre that asks important contemporary questions, but in a light manner and without losing its sense of humor.

Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture Organization - “36 Monkeys” is a non-governmental organization established to launch and implement innovative projects in the field of culture and art, and is focused exclusively on experimenting with and promoting alternative and non-popular art forms. Its long-term aim is to extend and diversify the non-institutionalized and informal arts-scene. 

- 2012 Icarus Award to Gergana Dimitrova for “Best Direction”

- 2012 Icarus Award to Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova  for “New Playwriting”


About “Turing Machine”

The universe is made of love. In jail they give you breakfast at seven, the anesthetic at the operation room makes you feel cold. Most of the things they say about Snow White and the seven dwarfs are true. So far no one has paid attention to the bright side of Darth Vader. A verdict. An operation. A murder. A suicide. An escape. An exotic island. A wedding. Weddings. All of these in a play about the power of love, with or without balls.


About “The Invisible”

He1 is invisible. He tries to buy himself a pair of shoes. He tries to have his hair done, to have a whiskey. He2 is discontented. He is a musician. He thinks the Universe grows colder. He calls a special woman at 3 am to tell it to her. She is not that pessimistic. She has another outlook. He1 wants to be invisible. He2 wants to see her. She doesn’t understand why he isn’t coming. Einstein appears, just for a smoke. This is a play for three voices and 11 tarot cards.


National Museum of Natural History, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010

Project is realized with the financial support of Sofia Municipality – “Culture” programme and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria

With the cooperation Проектът е финансиран от Столична програма „Култура” на Столична община и Министерство на културата.

Partners: National Museum of Natural History, Sofia;  National Polytechnic Museum, Sofia City Art Gallery, Bulgarian National Art Gallery.


P.O. BOX: Unabomber

Turing Machine

The Invisible