ProText 3 x 3

Pro Text 3x3 is the 9th annual issue of the long adventure of contemporary dramatics. The issue presented one bulgarian and one catalan play from the finalists of the open call for participation in the selection of Eurodram 2018. The directors Gergana Dimitrova, Boris Zafirov and Alexandra Petrova presented the texts from Sabina Stefanova, Pau Miro and Miroslav Hristov.

During Pro Text 3x3 a public discussion was held on the topic of ‘Bringing up authors for Beginners’, in which special guests young authors and directors participated.


Programme of ProText 3x3


16.03 at 19:30h, bar TIME OUT (st. Lui Leje 2, to the left of the Satirical Theatre ‘A. Konstantinov’ in the basement)

Official announcement of the results from the open call in the selection of Eurodram 2018 for contemporary bulgarian theatrical texts. Talks with the authors and a public discussion about ‘Bringing up Authors for Beginners’ with the participation of special guests. Moderators: Gergana Dimitrowa and Qasen Vasilev (both of them a part of the selection of the international web for contemporary dramatics and translation Eurodram 2016)


‘In the Dark’ by Sabina Stefanova

23.03 and 24.03 from 19;30, bar TIME OUT

Director: Gergana Dimitrova

With: Diana Spasova, Milena Ermenkova, Ekaterina Georgieva, Tony Karabashev, Bogdan Kazandjiev, Stanislav Kertikov, Petko Kamenov

Scenographer: Elena Shopova

Music: Pavel Terziyski

Director: Gergana Dimitrova

Asistant director: Boris Zafirov



‘Square’ by Pau Miro

29.03 and 30.03 from 19:30 DNK

Translation: Neva Mincheva

Director: Boris Zafirov

With: Emil Stefanov, Ovanes Torosyan, Stanislav Ganchev and Julian Petrov

Asistant director: Samuil Galabov

Scenographer: Iliyana Kancheva

Costume designer: Liliya Hristova

Music: Aleksey Nikolov


It’s one of those Barcelona kitchens that look like it was added on as an afterthought. A microwave best kept clear of, a crappy radio, empty bottles of Gin Giro clustering on grimy surfaces with other even less salubrious brands. The clock is stuck at quarter past nine, too late for work or too early for dinner. The fridge contains a shrink-wrapped tortilla.

In this disconcertingly familiar setting, a trio of middle-aged washouts gather. An out of work actor, a gravedigger and a barber pose a pathetic parade in this crumby kitchen. They are the poker pals of its owner, a teacher of mathematics, and are waiting for him to descend – as he eventually does, with all the sweaty gravity of Hitchcock with a hangover, for he is in serious trouble.


‘The Cicadas’ by Miroslav Hristov

04.04. and 05.04. from 19:30, DNK

Director: Alexandra Petrova

With: Nadya Keranova and Georgi Gotsin

Scenographer: Boyana Buchvarova

Video artist: Gergana Lazarova



The plot is a peculiar time machine that transports the viewer from one place to another. This is the story of a man and woman bound over the duration of many rebirths. During their meeting in the in-between space – between life and death – their common past comes to life. The play poses the question whether it is time for a change when the nature of love changes.



ProText has been developed with the financial support of the MInistry of Culture. The Project is financed by the ‘Culture’ programme of the Municipality of Sofia


Partners to the 9th issue of ProText are: DNK - space for contemporay dance and performance/NDK; Goethe Institute Bulgaria, Eurodram, Event-bar TIME OUT.