HAMLETMACHINE by Heiner Müller

Performance-reading of Heiner Müller’s play. Theatrical interpretation combining literary reading, multimedia improvisation and a live concert.


The project’s team:

Concept and direction: Gergana Dimitrova

Live visuals: Vladislav Iliev – vladzen and Luybomir Draganov - vijdaj

Set and costume design: Elena Shopova

Live music: Ambient Anarchist

Cast: Irina Docheva-Goleva, Ognyan Golev and Petar Meltev


HAMLETMACHINE is a reading performance of the eponymous play by Heiner Müller. Written 33 years ago in Sofia, the text comes back to life, joining together actors, musicians and video artists in an interesting journey and a fresh contemporary interpretation. The up-to-date text rebels against the present, the past and the future, against the impossibility and the lack of desire of re-considering history and re-assessing its valuation of personality. All this is expressed in one anarchistic theatrical gesture, filled with the desire for freedom, looking for the truth ‘here and now’, loudly rejecting any kind of stereotyping. The young team meets the audience where the drama collapses, words turn into music, history turns into scenery and heroes are non-existent.


Premiere: Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010.


Project’s partners: Goethe Institute, Bulgaria

Presented at: Art in Without Festival – an open platform for new artists and new ideas.