NDK SHARES its stories: journey through the CITY LEGENDS 

A mobile site specific installation 


The project’s team:


Authors: Zdrava Kamenova and Miroslav Hristov

Directing and conception: Gergana Dimitrova, Vasilena Radeva, Petko Stoyanov

Space&Objects: Elena Shopova

Comics: Teodora Doncheva-Tech

Storytellers: Yordanka Stefanova and Peter Meltev

Translation: Atanas Igov

with the participation of: Adi Kaneva and Christian Jovchev

Audio elevator instalation: Brina Shtinehelfer (Per Aspera Productions, Berlin)

Coordination: Kathrin Hrusanova



Our thanks to Alexander Polatov, Hristo Drumev, robotev.com, Alyosha Ignatov, Daniel Droumev, Martichka Bozhilova, Nathan Cooper and Zdravko Jonchev


“NDK SHARES its stories: journey through the CITY LEGENDS” is a mobile site specific installation provoked by Communistic recent past of Bulgaria and by the legends behind the official history. For the project “36 monkeys” decided to go underground into the passageways below the National Palace of Culture (NDK), an iconic building that represents the times of the communist party. To go deeper they made anthropological research, collecting interesting, provocative and controversial legends. Аuthors retell the city stories linked to the history and memory of the building and invite adventurous participants to take a walk among the objects of the installation and to co-create the new legend through movement and interaction.


During the meeting of IETM in Sofia 2014 Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture Organization – “36 monkeys” organized an artistic action - interactive installation. Part of parallel program of the international meeting.

Premiere: National palace of culture, Floor Minus 2,Sofia Bulgaria, 2014


In partnership between IETM (International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts) АСТ Association, Culture Desk Foundation, NDK National Palace of Culture and Foundation About Oborishte.

A project realized with the financial support of the Culture Ministry of Bulgaria.