MOVIMENTO / VARIATIONS - five miniatures and one interview on movement


next date: 7:30 pm

DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance

Sq. „Bulgaria“ 1 (opposite the fountains at the NDK underpass), Sofia

Theatre performance

90 min. / 10/15 lv.

In Bulgarian with English subtitles




Premiere 2018



Gergana Dimitrova – author of the concept and director;

Authors: Zdrava Kamenova, Mariana Sabeva, Ulrike Syha (Germany), Eve Leigh (US/UK), interview with Galina Borisova

Elena Shopova – stage design, costume design, video; 

Pavel Terziyski – music; 

Olga Kochanova – assistant director

Cast: Elena Dimitrova, Krasimira Kuzmanova-Cochran, Toni Karabashev


Production of Contemporary Alternative Art and Culture Organization “36 Monkeys” and DNK – Space for contemporary dance and performance


Movimento/variations is the latest theater project by director Gergana Dimitrova. The project was selected as part of the program of this year’s edition of ACT Independent Theater Festival and its first showcase in front of an audience will take place during the festival.

The Italian word “movimento” originates from the Latin moveō which means movement. Movement is the topic which connects the five pieces of the show.

In what reminds a conversation with a shared topic, director Gergana Dimitrova gives outlet to the voices of five female authors coming from diverse national, language and creative background. The show begins with an interview with choreographer and performer Galina Borisova, which sets the main conceptual frame of the show. Zdrava Kamenova, Mariana Sabeva, Ulrike Syha and Eve Leigh construct and consider various parts of the dynamics and motions of the contemporary world. The five fragments which compose Movimento/variations are independent stories yet the questions they raise are part of the shared narrative of our everyday life. Movimento/variation brings focus to the multiplicity and the diversity, to movement as choreography, as a natural and existential necessity, as the opposite of the static, to movement as distribution of ideas, to the digital motion, to #MeToo, to Elon Musk, to motion of markets and natural resources, to the inevitable movement towards death, to the technological development, even to the movement through space. The project also examines the migration processes of today, the movement of bodies, goods, services, information, money, souls, thoughts, dreams, viruses, necessities, which are an intrinsic part of our life and the world we live in.


This project is accomplished with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture and in partnership with Goethe Institute Bulgaria.




photos by Zdravko Yonchev