An interactive theatre installation on the topic of quantum physics


The project’s team:

Conceived and directed: Gergana Dimitrova

Concept: Gergana Dimitrova jointly with Ivaylo Milenkov

Improvisation on a pre-written text structure: Ivaylo Milenkov, Petar Meltev

Set & costume design, objects: Elena Shopova

Video: Nikola Nalbantov

Music: Ivaylo Milenkov

Cast: Angelina Gavrilova (dancer), Nathan Cooper (dancer),  Peter Meltev (actor), Ivaylo Milenkov (physicist)

Production Assistant: Lora Karavelova

Sound: Yasen Toshev MULTISOUND

Coordination: Katrin Hrusanova

Promotion: А25 Cultural Foundation

Photos: Zdravko Yonchev



You may guess it but we will tell you it’s all about the natural sequel of one of the four theatre miniatures that made up PorText 5: ON TIME. At the same time last year the contemporary drama platform’s fifth edition raised the theatre temperature in another landmark building in Sofia, the Central Mineral Baths. Now, we have gathered together the same team, this time armed with much more knowledge of quantum physics and sense of humor. We will keep on bending our linear notion of time to unravel that concept from the point of view of contemporary science.


For the most curious:

The main purpose of the “Quark Time” project is to examine the concept of “time” through the eyes of contemporary science. Our team wants to tell and show, in an intelligible and entertaining but also a profound and accurate manner, one of the most interesting paradoxes in contemporary physics. We have chosen the form of “theater installation,” a form that is obscure and unclear for the audience but one that gives enough freedom for artistic ideas. The main information conduit in the performance is a real-time interview with a real-life experimental physicist. The ideas that are shared with us about the essence of quantum world and the most recent hypotheses and quests of physics and cosmology are visualized by a number of installations positioned in space. The audience moves freely from one place to another and will most probably meet two quarks who are also circulating in the hall and are a living installation displaying some of the notions of contemporary science of elementary particles we are made of as both metaphors and sham.

Why physics in theater?

Contemporary science has a pressing need for promotion of its achievements and people have both the need and the right to know how far science has gone, where it is heading to and what it fights for. The communication between them is in desperate need of a common language. Theater can offer one! The organization 36 Monkeys believes theatre is one of the best media for sharing ideas, emotions and also information. By this project the team continues to develop its concept of a “scientific theater” intended to educate.



Premiere: 5 Pirotska Street, Sofia (ex-movie theatre Macedonia),Sofia Bulgaria, 2013


Partner: Goethe-Institut Bulgria, Association “Bulgarian Science”, Foundation “About Oborishte”, CSR Bulgaria, Radio Binar,  Komendariya "Knyaz Boris I" part of the Order of the Knights Templar of Jerusalem - Great Priory Bulgaria, Sofia Live, TimeArt.

With the support  of Zdrava Kamenova, Kkzarkata, Kateto and Yanetza from Sleepwalkingz.

A project funded by Sofia Municipality’s Culture Programme for 2013 and realized to support Sofia’s bid for 2019 European Capital of Culture.

A project realized with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.




Photos by Zdravko Yonchev: here and here