WHAT ABOUT BATS? - video project


In the video project ‘What About Bats’ the artists from the 36 monkeys team tell us about the daring hypotheses of Antonia Hubancheva, a famous traveler and scientist specializing in chiropterology who is on her way to proving her theories through experiments in the field of sensory ecology.


We also learn how the research is conducted and how different fields of study help us understand the truth, as well as what scientists think about the connection between the COVID 19 pandemic and bats.



Author of the concept and director: Gergana Dimitrova

Scientific consultant on the script and co-author: Antonia Hubancheva

Video-art and animation: Nikolay Nalbantov

Video design: Elena Shopova

Camera and montage: Boriyana Pandova

Voice-over: Peter Meltev

In the role of presenter: Elena Atanasova

Music: Pavel Terziyski and Veselin Vesselino-Eko 

Sound: Ivo Stamenov-Otto 

Translation: Mariana Sabeva (ENG), Alexander Sitzmann (DE)

Communication and Social Media: Culture Foundation A25      



The movie is part of the project ‘Night of the bats’ financed by the ‘Culture’ program of the Sofia Municipality and National Fund Culture. Partners to the project are the Institute of Ornithology ‘Max Plank’ and the National Museum of Natural History of BAS, with the very welcome assistance of the federation ‘Green Balkans’.


Premiere: 30th of January at 17.00, online event followed by a discussion: ‘Bats: horror and science.’