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The Festival of New Dramaturgy Sofia, the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and 36 Monkeys present: 






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:: 13.05. | 19:00 | "Vazrazhdane" Theatre




Text: Miroslav Hristov

Directed by: Ovanes Torosyan

Music: Milen Apostolov

With: Asen Dankov, Alexander Kanev, Vasil Vitanov, Milena Ermenkova, Anthony Penev, Mihail Mihaylov, Ovane Torosyan


performance reading, part of ProText 10

a production by Theater Ivan Radoev (Pleven)



~online streaming with English subtitles~


The story in "Pustonia" takes place in the distant future, when the glaciers have melted and people are fighting for salvation and a piece of land. In order to survive in the world of Sharks, they sell their pain on the Global Market and receive sand in return. Rebels, also known as "hermits", are building a path to salvation leading to a desert of paradise, or the so-called Pustonia, while the Artist works in his studio on a bizarre project. 


:: 14.05.| 19:00 ч. | "Vazrazhdane" Theatre



текст: Заша Мариана Залцман

превод: Гергана Димитрова

режисура: Гергана Димитрова

художник: Елена Шопова

музика: Емилиян Гацов-Елби

участват: Мария Панайотова, Боян Арсов


пърформанс-четене от ПроТекст 10, продукция на „36 маймуни“


В опустошен град, където телата запълват улиците, млада жена, Заша, търси убежище в изоставен пентхаус. Млад мъж, Шура, си проправя път през военната зона, за да намери Заша. И сега той се появява и не прилича на нищо - с рибка като единственото, което притежава – докато Заша го очаква с шампанско, приговетно в хладилника. Двамата са представители на двете воюващи страни, но Заша отдавна е допусната в семейството на Шура.

Някъде там в опустошения от война град Шура е убил някого, с когото имат общо минало на насилие. Започва битка за цивилизацията.

С „Аристократите“ Залцман нанася удар по тънкото бляскаво покритие на цивилизацията, разкрита като едно дехуманизирано общество.



:: 15.05. | 19:00 ч. | "Vazrazhdane" Theatre




Text: Presiyan Kuzov

Directed by: Presiyan Kuzov

With: Nikolay Varbanov


performance reading, part of ProText 10




~online streaming with English subtitles~


The play explores the endurance, resistance and sacrifice of the Man, put in an emergency situation and the potential way out of it. In focus is the so-called little man. In this case, he is a man who found himself alone in the woods, over the country cemetery, locked in a circle between trees, cold weather and questions. Pressed between present and eternity, between faith and disbelief, between spirit and matter, between life and death, he seeks the truth. The truth that would bring meaning to his further existence. The main contradiction is in the attempt to overcome physical suffering on the one hand, and mental suffering on the other.

Which way is the right one – forward or backwards? Does it make sense for me to be here? Me or the others? These are part of the questions that inhabit the character's conscious and unconscious but are also true for the Human in general. And the Hamlet dilemma between the salvation of the spirit and the salvation of the body seems to keep the main character alive. His only companion is the flower in a pot that he carries throughout. And where did the glove go? It’s what the character wonders too…


:: 16.05 | 19:00 ч. | Goethe-Institut Bulgaria




Text: Martina Novakova

Directed by Martina Novakova

With: Ivaylo Draganov, Dayana Dimitrova, Vasiliya Drebova and Martina Novakova


performance reading, part of ProText 10


~online streaming with English subtitles~



“Panoptikum” is a journey inside the house of a young woman named L. and an encounter with the large list of unusual objects which preserve her memories. Each of the selected objects in this house museum tells her story in a different way: in the voice of other characters who may be evoked to retell their point of view; through the gaze of an omniscient eye; from an old telephone bought from the flea market in Madrid; the sound of a half-forgotten melody or the interviews with people whose job is to empty houses. The reader must choose where to position themselves in the space, as well as in the action.