REYA by Petko Stoyanov and Zdrava Kamenova

Anti-utopian monodrama about the relationship between economic development, environment and the place of the social individual in the future society.


The project’s team:

Text: Petko Stoyanov and Zdrava Kamenova

Idea and Directing: Petko Stoyanov

Video Art: Nikola Nalbantov

Original Music: Todor Stoyanov

Sound: Yasen Toshev

Coordinator: Katrin Hrusanova

Cast: Nadezhda Panayotova

Voice: Kiril Boyadzhiev and Zdrava Kamenova


The future we are heading for has always been interesting but also thought-provoking. What’s the point of human existence in today’s society, which is totally dependable on economics? What happens when human relationships are exhausted and the connection between man and nature is broken and everything happens under a mathematical formula, which is already determined?

In a dystopian world, built by the play, the personality is deleted, and the sources of emotions – reduced to a minimum. Medical exams determine the female’s readiness to reproduce and fulfill her duties to society. We are the ones to determine climate conditions and we can order an organic tree over the phone.\

The project is financed under the Municipality programme “Culture” of Sofia Municipality for 2013 and is realized in support of Sofia’s candidature for European capital of culture – 2019. The project is realized with the financial support of the Ministry of culture of Bulgaria.

Premiere: Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013

Partners: The Red House Center for Debate and Culture, Goethe Institute

Special thanks to: Alexandra Dods, Elena Dimitrova, ghostdog, Gergana Dimitrova, Mladen Aleksiev, Elena Shopova, Georgi Georgiev, Cultural Foundation A25, Martin Karov, Mihaela Nachkova, Atanas Igov, Zdravko Doychev, Tsvetan Tolev, Q-bo, Vassya Blochat, Ina Valchanova, Stoycho Vlaykov, Lyubomir Draganov.

Official selection at Askeer 2014 for dramaturgy text, Uzana Polyana Fest 2014, Festival for Contemporary Theatre “ContemporanIS” 2014, Romania.